What would a gag-strip fest webcomic be without the author putting himself in it?

... Probably a whole lot better, but it's a lil' too late for that, now.

Might as well talk in first person, here. I'm a guy (by guy, the most correct term would be "nerd") who has no problem in letting my own opinions be heard. I know I'm not perfect, and I might not be right about my own views, sometimes. Still, I try to at least provide reasons as to why I think the way I do. If someone thinks my arguments aren't valid enough, fine by me. As long as those people have a solid reason not to agree with me.

Now, scroll down for characters that are certainly far more interesting! XD


What do you get by mixing Shin-Chan with Deadpool? A 12-year-old asian crazy kid with the ability to summon weaponry at will.

I'll let the idea sink into your heads.


A raccoon who thinks he's Solid Snake, every now and then, and serves as a mascot of sorts for this webcomic. Not much to say about the critter, besides that.


Dunno her real name, so there's her DeviantART nickname. Hell if I know, I just call her S-Chan!

Let's face it; the anime fanbase can be very, VERY weird and creepy. I know... I've been there, and almost became one of 'em. I like anime and all, as it's one of my main artistic influences. But if you drool and go crazy over anything and everything that Japan tries to shove down your throat, get help! Seriously!

In case you didn't get it by now, yeah... I created this chick to make fun of that community.


Like S-Chan (look above), I also made this as a joke character, this time for people who like certain over-priced pieces of technology, and buy them just to show off. On Steven's case, he's always overdue on his rent, but always gets the money for the most recent iPhone model.

What's that? You feel offended, because you identify yourself with this character? Tough luck. Get your priorities straight, buddy!


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