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Yeah, I took a while... sorry about that. Anyway, here's one more for the list.

For those who aren't Street Fighter fans, this might be a lil' hard to understand, so lemme explain...

Sean, the guy in the yellow gi, is a brazilian character from Street Fighter III, who became Ken's student after... well... pestering him enough. XD

What's funny is how well this fits in with how most brazilian players behave, on the MMORPG genre. Pay in mind, I don't like to label a whole group just because of some examples, and I DO get along with a bunch of brazilian people, but... most brazilian players are a ROYAL PAIN IN THE ASS!

They're either too lazy or too stupid to get their own money and items, and they seem to have a tendency to not know how to kill monsters on their own, so what do they do? They run after higher-leveled players who actually KNOW what they're doing, and try to leech from them. Not to mention that when those high-leveled players are actually WILLING to help them, there's still one problem:


I've lost count of the times I've seen a brazilian player trying to speak in portuguese with people who don't even know what "portuguese" means! I know this may sound harsh, but nowadays, whenever a brazilian player aproaches me on a random MMO, blabbering random brazilian slang as it tries to get me to work for him/her... I simply ignore the living crap out of 'em, and move on. Either that, or I keep replying to them in english (despite the fact that being portuguese, I know perfectly what they're saying), until they get tired of me, and move away on their own.

Again... I DO get along with some brazilian people. Too bad that due to idiots like the ones we find on MMOs, I only get along with SOME of 'em... -_-

PS: I know there are stupid people on MMORPGs of many nationalities. I, for once, am pretty ashamed of how arrogant many portuguese players behave. But let's face it, Brazil still takes the goddamn cake!

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