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October 18th, 2010, 6:28 am



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Ya know... Out of the many things that make me go "what the fuck" in Pokémon, evolution is certainly one of them. Not the evolution process itself, but the possibility of stopping them.

It has always gotten me thinking: "How exactly does one stop a Pokémon from evolving? What process does that B button represent?"

The answer is simple... you beat the living shit outta the critter, leaving it between life and death. Try to evolve with your ribs shoved into your nostrils!

So, yeah... I've done that comic of Takeshi running after that Eevee, thinking that'd be the only one I'd do, but I eventually saw potential of a series of comics featuring Takeshi as a Pokémon trainer. So, yeah, I'll be making more in the future.

But no... from now on, I won't be using a logo, or anything. "Continuous Fantasy", "Animu", "DevianTARDS"... all those will have their logos removed, and be treated as normal rants, like all the others. Why? Because they're already part of one big series: Fontes' Rants. So, why should I separate them more? Because they're specific rants? No need for that.

SO!!! From now on, no more logos and sub-sections. This is one of the many changes you'll be seeing till the end of this year. Yeah, I got a few surprises in store for you. Things are gonna change here at Ranter Works, and at least from my point of view, for the best.

So, seeya all, for now!

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