"Pimp my Pokémon"

November 25th, 2010, 6:53 pm



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What can I say... it's just THAT easy to make fun of Pokémon!

For those who aren't very familiar with the games, there's this feature, called pokémon breeding, in which you can get two pokémon, one male and one female, to mate, resulting on getting pokémon eggs. From here, you can create stronger pokémon, as well as some pre-evolution forms that can only be obtained by mating. So far, so good.

Now... things get creepy when we have Ditto, a slime-looking pokémon with the ability to transform into any other pokémon, copying their abilities and everything. What's creepy about this? You can use it to breed with ANY pokémon... since it can turn into other pokémon, and all.

This raises the question... when it transforms, how is it capable of copying the other pokémon's opposite gender? Or are pokémon all hermaphrodites, however, they still need a pair, in order to reproduce? If so, why do we have a male and female destinction? And...

... ehm... sorry, folks. Took me a while to remember how useless and stupid it can be to apply logic to Pokémon.


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