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Yeah, yeah... This is kind of an old subject, since it's been announced a while ago... but the thing isn't out, yet, and it still gets people to talk about it quite a bit, which is the region lock on the Nintendo 3DS.


Seriously, why the fluting hell would they put something like this on a console?! There's no reason for it, or at least, no logical one! Here, let me list the arguments I've seen people (and Nintendo themselves) expose, in order to defend this bullcrap:

1: Diferent Ratings from diferent regions.

This one addresses to the fact that each region has it's own rating system (Europe has PEGI, for example), and importing games from other regions would, for some reason, bring trouble...

... uh-huh... which is why the PS3 and EVERY OTHER PORTABLE FROM NINTENDO happen to be region-free... there was never any trouble in the past, so why now?

2: Parental control made easier.

Why? Are they afraid that kids steal their parents' credit cards, and start importing games with them? That's the only explanation for this one, but there's no need to explain how dumb of a reason this is...

Plus, it's up to the PARENTS to pay attention to what are their kids playing, anyway.

3: I've never imported, so I don't mind.

Just because you don't, doesn't mean those who DO will have to get the possibility of doing so removed, just for the hell of it.

4: This will stop piracy!

... which is why everyone and their mothers hacked their PSP, another portable system that's region locked. I'm sorry, but this will only give people MORE reasons to hack their 3DSs, once they come out!

5: I don't know japanese, so what's the problem, anyway?

This one just cracked me up! Wake up, people! Not all imported games come from Japan! For example, I've imported a GBA game (Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2) from the US, for the simple reason that this game didn't make it to Europe.

And there are A WHOLE LOT MORE like that one. At the same time, there are games that have been released here in the old continent, and US gamers wish they could get their hands on 'em. I, for once, have a small list of GBA and DS games that I plan on importing from the US, for the simple reason that they weren't released in Europe to begin with!

And let's not forget games that, despite being in japanese, have little to no text, besides options. Not all japan-only games are RPGs, ya know...

6: This'll help western companies to make more money.

And at the same time, smaller japanese companies will be left in the gutter, for not getting an extra buck out of imports. Way to go!

7: There has always been region-locked consoles!

Yeah... and it sucks. Specially these days!

... anyway... bottomline, there's no reason for that mother-stinkin' region lock to exist. I'm still planning on getting a 3DS, for some of the games that have been announced, and that I know that will make it over to Europe. But there WILL be some games that'll end up stuck in the US... I'm looking at you, Tales of the Abyss...

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