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Yup... already uploading a new one. Call it inspiration... Or better yet, the reader increase that I've gotten, these last few days.

Anyway... I dunno about you, but touch-screen cellphones have never attracted me that much. The main reason because they react slower than keys (sorry, they DO), and that's when they DO react at all. And I ain't talking about those low-end cheap phones. I'm talking about the "good" ones as well.

Now, let's get something straight, here: I'm NOT against touchscreens. They can be pretty useful for browsing menus, and the like. However, I still prefer a good QWERTY keyboard over a virtual touch-keyboard that ends up covering 3/4 of the screen. I like to actually feel where I'm pressing when I'm texting, thank you!

And don't get me started on games! You know when you're resting your fingers on a gamepad's button, so you can press it as soon as necessary? Good luck trying to do that on a touch-screen! And let's not forget how crappy those tilt-sensors are, when you're playing a racing game! Ever heard of a freaking d-pad?!

I know what some of you might be thinking: "Oh, but how come you keep saying those things about smartphones, when you like your Nintendo DS so much?!"

Good question, I must admit. However, the problem is when you're using a touch-screen to do things that buttons are supposed to be doing. A fine example of a touch-only game is "Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword", on the DS. You play with the stylus, but you don't use it like buttons. Instead, you make actions that feel natural, when you're using a pen. Tapping, rubbing, making lines... That's how a touch-screen is well-used!

Now, placing buttons that you can't even feel on a screen, and expecting you to play it like you would on a gamepad... sorry, but no.

And yes, I know that there are cellphones with touch-screens AND keyboards... which is awesome. Like I said, touch-screens are fine for menus... but for texting? Leave that for the good old keyboards.

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