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No... this one's NOT supposed to be funny. Let's get serious for a second, shall we?

We all know it, by now. Japan was hit by one of the biggest earthquakes in recorded history, which also caused a huge tsunami that wiped out a large portion of the land. To make matters worse, a nuclear plant near Tokyo seems to be malfunctioning, leading to a possible nuclear disaster.

I'd like to pay my respects to all the people in there, and I most certainly hope that everything turns out for the best... at least as much as possible, due to the circumstances. It ain't much, but I made a small donation to the American Red Cross, which I'm sure will be put to good use. I wish I was able do more than that, but heck... better than nothing, right? ^^

Now, for what made me do this rant... After so many people have gone missing and DIED due to this catastrophe, we got people asking such things as:

- "Is Nintendo ok? I want my games!"
- "Is the Gundam statue standing?"
- "Does this mean the shipping for that PVC figure I ordered will be delayed? That sucks..."
- "What about that manga artist?! I want him to finish the story!!!"

To anyone out there who thinks this way... WAKE UP!!! A fuckload of people just got themselves homeless, if not dead, and you people are sitting your asses on your chairs bitching and moaning about not receiving your anime merchandise on time?! What the fuck?! I'm also waiting for a Gundam plastic kit to arrive, but you think I mind that it's delayed, because of this? That country is facing that which might be their biggest crisis since World War II! show a lil' heart, goddammit!!!

Despite that previous paragraph, I really can't get angry with people who think like that... certainly not after reading THIS! You know the guy who's responsible for the recent banning and censoring of anime and manga in Tokyo, despite writting novels about rape? Appearently he sees this earthquake as some sort of divine punishment against Japan...

I'll leave it at this, before I burst a vein, or something. So, yeah... To everyone in Japan, I can only hope they get back on track as soon as possible.

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