"Fools of April..."

April 1st, 2011, 8:30 pm



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You know, there are plenty of seasons I hate, for several reasons...

Christmas because of all the stress...

Valentine's Day because it's stupid to have a specific day to show your feelings for someone...

... and then we have April fools... Goddammit, how I FUCKING HATE this day!

What's the point?! HUH?! Can someone tell me what's the point of having a day where everyone's supposed to be pulling pranks on everybody?! It's more stressful than it is amusing, not because you fall for it or not, but because it leaves you in a constant awkwardness, making you wonder if you should trust anyone.

And let's not get started on how the FREAKING INTERNET handles this day... you know, I think this day should be renamed to "Stay off the Internet" day! Why? Because everyone starts pulling off stupid shit on their websites to the point that sometimes, the whole thing's blocked and you can't browse any of the website. I know it's just for a day, but COME ON, is this shit really necessary?!

Remember my previous rant? What makes me scratch my head about DeviantArt is how are they capable of pulling off stupid April Fools pranks while the way their website's made already looks like an all-year-long April Fools prank!

Anyway... a lil' something I felt like venting about. Seeya next time.

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