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April 14th, 2011, 7:27 pm



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Oh, Tetsuya Nomura... such great technical skill, and yet you have no idea of what to do with it.

Some of you knew this day would come. I kept ranting about Final Fantasy (and Square-Enix in general) for quite a while, so it's obvious that one day I'd get to rant about the artwork of Tetsuya Nomura, the current lead artist for the Final Fantasy franchise, among other stuff from Square-Enix.

"You're just jellous that he draws way better than you! Admit it!!!"

Why should I be jellous of someone I've never even met? And as I've stated before, his technical skill is simply outstanding. His line work, his coloring... it all fits well. But when you look at the DESIGNS, things make a turn into the opposite direction.

The biggest design flaw that most people immediately find in Nomura is the excessive belts and zippers. And I honestly agree. What's the point of putting a zipper on a hat, for example? Or a belt, for that matter?! Yes, because if you look closely, Donald's hat has it's bottom portion made out of a belt. What's the point of having a belt buckle on your forehead?!

And it doesn't stop on Donald, or Kingdom Hearts, for that matter. However, I'll leave the topic as it is. I don't wanna waste so much ranting material on one go! XD

And one more thing... Do you REALLY think that Donald, a character that's even more of a ranter than I am, could ever be able to gather enough focus to cast a spell, as basic as it may be? I mean, I LOVE Donald Duck, and he happens to be my favourite Disney character! But really? A magician?

Hell, even if he COULD concentrate enough for the casts, his wand wouldn't understand half of his orders! XD

... ok, that was a low blow, I admit.

But I still find it dumb to give Donald such a role. He'd be a lot better as an offensive fighter, like a swordman, or even a thief. I just think he'd work better in physical combat, due to his extremely aggressive personality. Oh, wait... In Kingdom Hearts, Donald's a pussy, when compared to the cartoons.

That'll be all, for now. Seeya next time!

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