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This shouldn't come off as a surprise to some, but yeah: I'm a fan of Deadpool. Heck, he's the reason why I've gotten myself into reading Marvel comics! And who whouldn't think of him as a good reason for it? He's badass, he's funny and most of the times nonsensical, but his backstory and origins make more sense than the ones from more famous super-heroes.

... a radioactive spider? Really?

Anyway... as much as I dig this character, I can't avoid to think that, as some people say, he's becoming the next Wolverine, in terms of popularity. Or ar least, overusage!

How many comic series is he having, currently? Enough to the point that one of 'em has to be CANCELLED, just because there's too many of 'em! And which one got cancelled?

Deadpool Corps? Hah, you wish... and so did I... As random as Deadpool can be, that's just going a lil' too far, if you ask me. Nah... they're cancelling Deadpool Team-up, which was actually pretty good!

Anyway... My liking for this character still hasn't faded away. I think he's hilarious in Marvel VS Capcom 3, and I'm hyped to see the Deadpool movie they're cooking up (no connections with X-Men Origins: Wolverine?! WOHOO!!)... but in a way, I can't avoid to be a lil' afraid of what's happening to the guy...

... I hope I'm wrong.

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