"Country of Morons!"

May 21st, 2011, 3:44 pm



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First of all, I'll be thanking Alex, who helped me out with the dialog. Not being a native english speaker can be a bitch, sometimes. :P

Now... I usually don't feel like doing rants regarding my country (Portugal). A lot of portuguese viewers asked me to make rants about stuff that happen over here, and trust me, some of them DO deserve a good rant! But since this is supposed to be viewed by an international audience, if doesn't make much sense for me to talk about subjects that only address to portuguese people.

HOWEVER, pretty much everyone who's not living under a rock knows that some european countries are facing some major economical difficulties... Portugal being among them. Or at least, that's how it's supposed to be.

The thing is that we (Portuguese people)are in this situation due to plain stupidity! If you think that situation I've depicted in the comic was stupid and unrealistic, guess what: IT ACTUALLY HAPPENS!

A typical portuguese fellow may be buried in debts, unnemployed, and with 3 kids to feed... but GOD KNOWS HOW, they get the money to have a top-of-the-line cellphone! It's ridiculous!

It's kinda stupid when people in Ireland are struggling and fighting each other because they're actually in deep crap, and in here, we bitch and moan because the bank won't lend us enough money to buy a Mercedes...

The government, my ass! We're in this mess because THE PEOPLE called for it! We dunno how to establish priorities, and got no idea of how to manage our lives. The Romans (yes, THOSE romans) said it better, as they were still conquering this place, when they claimed that we can't take care of ourselves, and neither do we let anyone take care of ourselves!

So, I'm gonna have to let it be known, here and now... I fucking hate this country, and as soon as I can set foot outta this place filled with morons who screw up their lives AND the ones from those around them, THE BETTER!

I'd better leave it at that, before I get a heart attack, or something. Seeya next time...

EDIT: It seems like I DID went a lil' overboard, this time. Some people understood that I've included all portuguese people in the same group who can't establish priorities correctly.

What I meant is that there are a lot of people like that, and the way our country's current economical state can partially be due to the stupidity of those people. I could go on about this in detail, but that would probably require a whole new website just for that! XD

I know that not everyone happens to be like that, and I know people who are legitimally in difficulties. This rant is NOT addressed to them!

I apologize for any inconvenience.

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