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Yeah, the background's a photo with a filter. I honestly don't like to do this kinda crap, but whatever gets me to finish the strips sooner.

Now... I finaly got to try out Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition, on the Nintendo 3DS. And this was actually my first time playing Super SF4 AT ALL. And comparing it to the first version of the game, it seems that most of the issues I had with the thing are fixed. The hitboxes look a tad better, and there are more ultra-combos.

Though, just like in Street Fighter III, we can only choose ONE of 'em... WHAT THE HELL, CAPCOM?!

Anyway... I can't say I played it for a long time, but it seemed like a solid title. Nice visuals which look a lot better in motion than in screenshots you get to find around the internet, overall good controls, and from what I've seen, all the stuff from the console version. I still don't have a 3DS, but this is surely a purchase, once I get one!

BUT... there is ONE thing that I need to bitch and moan... the "Dynamic Mode". There's not much to it, really. Instead of the classic side-scrolling perspective, you play the game in some sort of an over-the-shoulder perspective. Also, the angle changes a little depending on what you do, giving it a bit of a "cinematographic" look.

And yes, this LOOKS pretty cool, specially with the 3D effect turned on! There's just one problem, though...


Even with the 3D effect on, it's still hard to calculate how far or close things are, and you'll get hit preeeeetty easily because of that. Not to mention that when you jump, you'll find half of your character going off-screen. So much for precision, huh?

This sort of camera would work on a fighting game with more 3D-like movement, like Dead or Alive, Tekken, or even most of the Dragonball Z videogames! But on a pure sidescroller? No, thanks...

Though, I gotta be honest; this camera setting will look BADASS on replays... XD

Seeya next time!

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