"Dumbest strip EVER"

June 11th, 2011, 4:54 pm



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Yeah, yeah, it's been a while. Sorry about takin' a while. But again, sporadic updates...

So, yeah... seen Nintendo's conference on this E3, and There was plenty to get excited about. Kid Icarus surprised me for it's multiplayer, the Tanooki suit is back on the new Super Mario for the 3DS... but what has really poked my interest was the Wii's successor.

... which, despite being VERY promising, has got to have the WORST NAME EVER!

There's a lot to be expected from it. Great hardware, an even greater controller... I mean, it's practically a home version of the DS, which is just plain awesome! Just like on the DS, you can play the game while using the touch-screen for menus, map view, random puzzle-solving... Not to mention that we could use the touch-screen as a mouse for FPS games, just like on the DS! There's just so much potential...

... and they had to name it... Wii U. Wanna bet that there will be people buying games for it, thinking they're Wii games? Hell, there are already people thinking it's just a new Wii accessory, instead of a new console!

I'm really looking forward for it, but... GOD, does the name sounds stupid!

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