"Viva la Vita...?"

June 19th, 2011, 6:11 pm



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And here we have some sort of a dual rant... let's start with those laptop touchpads.

My girlfriend's gonna hit me for this, but... who in their right mind thinks that those things can be easier to use than a mouse?! They lack freedom, they're unprecise, and let's not forget the infinite number of times one misclicks something when you're just trying to move the cursor!

Yes, they might be handy if you're on a park bench, or something... or then again, it's still better to use a mouse on top of the area to the side of the touchpad. Yes, they're THAT useless! You're better off using the area next to it as a mousepad!

Now, what's with that second panel? Simple... they're putting a rear touchpad on the "still to be released" PS Vita. I'm gonna go over this again...

... the PS Vita, Sony's next handheld console, which already has a touchscreen with multi-touch capability... has a touchpad... behind it.


Seriously, WHY?! Do you really think that playing a shooter with that thing will come in handy? You'll be better off aiming with the touchscreen, for cryin' out loud!

You know, I shouldn't be that surprised, by now... A lot of companies have produced weird gimmicks (Nintendo and Sega being probably the worst), but after the Eye Toy, the PS Move, and now this, I think that Sony clearly takes the goddamn cake!

Seeya next time, everyone! ^^

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