"Torchin' the place apart."

July 6th, 2011, 8:01 pm



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Yeah, another strip in black and white... only this time it's a real rant. There's no way in hell I'll be coloring all that, for Christ's sake! I got more shit to take care of, ok?!

So, yeah... I'll be doin' some B&W rants every now and then, specially those that are damn long, like this one. And that's if you want me to update this with a decent frequency.

ANYWAY, on to this rant... I know I've said this a screwload times too many, but GODDAMMIT, I just LOVE "The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time"! It plays great back then, it still does, right now, and even though I still haven't played the remake (still don't have a 3DS, sue me for having an empty wallet), I'm sure it's a fine experience, with the new controls, boss rush mode, and all that.

But SWEET JESUS, do we have a crapload of stupid shit goin' on, in that game! Just like on this one. In order to get in one of the game's dungeons, you gotta light up a buncha torches... and your best option is to use an AoE fire spell, when the torches themselves are made outta wood.

... either that, or using a stick to light 'em up one by one, when they have a stinkin' time limit! You could be lightin' up the very last one, and all of a sudden, the first half of 'em go off!

... I just wished we could just use a bomb to open the fuckin' door.

Seeya next time, everyone!

PS: Yes, the 6th panel is a reference to "G Gundam". Screw you, UC fanboys... DOMON BEATS THAT CHAR PEDOPHILE ANY DAY OF THE STINKIN' WEEK!

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