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July 19th, 2011, 1:46 pm



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Some of you have already heard of it, by now, but yup... Megaman's current situation should be better defined as "dead". Let's see, now:

- "Rockman Online" coming out of Korea: highly unlikely.
- Megaman in Marvel VS Capcom 3, even if as DLC: forget it.
- Megaman Universe: cancelled, god knows why...

But yesterday was the last straw, when Capcom declared that Megaman Legends 3, which had been in development for the 3DS, and has been receiving quite the support from the fanbase... has been declared as cancelled. And to make matters worse, they provide no decent explanation.

Lemme put it in another way, to see if everyone gets it... after practically BEGGING for the fanbase to ask them for stuff to put in the game... after holding contests to choose the new female protagonist AND after holding a contest where anyone and everyone could submit an idea for a boss, with the winning entry being a part of the game...

... after the community showed so much care for the project...

... after even having a demo available for download...

... after all the effort the Dev Team has put into creating a game that everyone was waiting for, and that it would actually sell, and give profit to the company...

... the TIE-WEARING BASTARDS who run that fucking place decide to simply cancel the damn thing, leaving the developers with no work, and the fanbase with possibly the BIGGEST pain in the nuts EVER!

Gimme a sec to catch some air...

*leaves the room for 2 hours*

... there. You know how people are reacting to this? The fanbase is already planning to boycott anything and everything that comes out of Capcom. And you know what?


It's not just Megaman, ladies and gentlemen! Take a look at what they're Doing with Devil May Cry, turning Dante into an emo smoker! And how about a new Darkstalkers game, huh, fuckers?! Yoshinori Ono ASKED YOU to make a new one, and you didn't let him, god-knows-why!

But I think I get this... yeah... you guys are still butthurt for Inafune (Megaman's creator) leaving the company, ain't ya? And so, what's the most mature thing to do? Why, erase Megaman from any of your future plans, of course.

But you know why Inafune left you? Because you dunno shit about videogames, you bunch of retards!

I used to see Capcom as one of my favourite gaming companies... but now, what I feel for them can be summed up in this:

It was fun while it lasted, Capcom. But from now on, until you start treating your franchises with the respect they deserve, you won't be seeing a single penny from me.

Let's put it this way... Right now, I respect Square-Enix more than I respect Capcom. That sums it all up.

Yes... I'm pissed. Seeya next time.

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