"World of Minecraft, PART 1"

August 12th, 2011, 8:09 pm



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And yup... I also got addicted to Minecraft.

What can I say? It's friggin' awesome! A huge open world for you to explore that it's randomly generated (meaning that two worlds will never be the same), the possibility of building our own house/fortress/bunker/whatever, however we please, and a lot more!

I know the visuals aren't that great, but anyone who's a fan of old-school gaming will get used to it in no-time. Trust me... anyone out there who says that there's nothing to do in Minecraft, simply doesn't have any creativity. It's all in there! It's only up to us to make out of it whatever we want!

And it only gets better in multiplayer! Imagine two teams building their own castles, and then trying to conquer each other's. Castle sieges get more intense if you're defending something that you've built along with your friends, that's certain.

Just be careful with creepers. I got the front of my house blown twice, thanks to those dickheads (I mean litterally, they look like green mutant penises). -_-

So, yeah... not much to rant about, this time. On the very contrary. And as the name suggests, expect a small series of strips related with the game. And quite the dumb ones, so beware!

On another note... yeah, digging holes was one thing I did a lot, when I was a kid. I was worse than a mole! XD

... I feel old, now.

Anyway, seeya next time! ^^

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