"An offer one can't refuse?"

September 27th, 2011, 4:18 pm



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Yeah, yeah, another one related with how annoying Navi can be... HOWEVER, this time the rant itself is not against her, but DEFENDING her.

Granted, she's a pain in the ass, and her constant "HEY! LISTEN!" yapping can get on anyone's nerves... But considering her to be the most annoying Zelda character ever? Well... probably at her time, yes.

But then we have Ezlo, from Zelda Minish Cap... BY GOD, did I feel like putting a sock in him throughout the entire game! Navi at least was trying to help, and was, in fact, useful. With Ezlo, 70% (AT LEAST) of all his in-game speech consists of him giving useful information such as... him being hungry.

I'm not making this up. He mentions that A LOT!

Let's keep one thing in mind: I loved Zelda Minish Cap! It was ok in terms of challenge, the overall story was nice, and the gameplay itself was pretty well-done. And it was thanks to it that I've finaly got used to Toon Link! Wind Waker left quite a bit of a scar...

But honestly? I think the game would be better if we had a distant relative of Navi following Link around instead of that... wait a minute... now that I think of it, everytime Link puts Ezlo on his head, where is he putting his head on, anyway?! I know Ezlo's supposed to be a hat, but...


Seeya next time... *barfs*

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