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March 4th, 2012, 4:22 pm



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Yeah... been a while. I know. Let's leave it at that, and carry on.

So, yeah... Skyrim. Tried it out, and I must say, it is a huge step ahead of Oblivion. Combat's a lil' better (still lacks some impact to your strikes, though), NPC conversations are more believable, we FINALY have kids walking around...

... but most of all... females that aren't unpleasant to look at (human ones, at least)! Thank you, Bethesda!

Also, the character progression feels A LOT more balanced, now. It's no 8th wonder, but at the same time, Oblivion's character progression was nothing above horrid, so pretty much anything would be a lot better, hehehe...

And yes... I kill dragons bare-handed. I always go for hand-to-hand characters in these kinds of games, and despite the lack of a dedicated skill for hand-to-hand combat (there was one in Oblivion), it IS still viable to use your own fists in Skyrim.

How, you may be asking?

There's a lil' perk in the Heavy Armor tree called Fists of Steel, which gives you an attack bonus to unnarmed atacks if you're wearing heavy gloves, equal to those gloves' defense rating. Along with a high blacksmithing level, and an unnarmed bonus enchantment you can get in the Ratway (Riften, where you meet the Thieves' Guild)... you can beat the game going Falcon Punch on anything and anyone!

I don't do hand-to-hand ONLY, though. For pesky scouts that go around the fortresses, I tend to pull my bow. XD

And that'll be it. Seeya next time, and I PROMISE that it'll be soon!

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