"Tastes like chicken"

March 19th, 2012, 11:04 am



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Not only I punch dragons, I also happen to be a cannibal, in Skyrim. That game gives quite the bunch of options, huh?

Just to make it clear, I DO NOT support cannibalism! Videogames are one thing, and real life's another.

For those wondering, yes, you recover HP when you feed, but that's not all. The quest that you take to become one also gives you a ring that gives you a permanent +50 stamina, but also a temporary Max HP bonus every time you feed on a corpse. Immoralities aside, it's a rather useful ability.

And the best part of it? There are NO social repercussions for becoming one! You can eat out of someone's corpse RIGHT NEXT to a guard, and he won't do a thing. Heck, the most that happens is when you pass next to a guard, he MIGHT throw a remark about how foul your breath smells like. THAT'S IT! So for anyone who wants an extra healing method, take the quest without worries.

More info on that quest in HERE. Enjoy your meal. XD

And yeah... this strip shouldn't really be considered as portraying cannibalism, since I'm a human, and I'm eating an argonian. Blame Bethesda on this one, will ya?

Anyway, that'll be it. Seeya next time! ^^

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