"DragonBall, irreversably doomed by Hollywood."

December 19th, 2009, 7:16 pm



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ATTENTION!!! This rant was originally released on Legendary Comics BEFORE the movie was released, which is why the text below is currently innacurate... then again, not so much...

Oh, Dragonball... either you love it or hate it, you can't deny how much it contributed to the anime industry, and for it's time, it was undoubtedly one of the best animes, and still is remembered by many as one of the best animes of all time... Ok, Dragonball GT sucked, but that's another story...

Well, I think that by now, everyone knows that they're making a Dragonball live-action movie, called Dragonball Evolution. If you didn't know, don't expect anything big from it... Remember what you saw on the anime? Forget it, because it has nothing to do with it! To begin with, Goku looks like the next lead singer for Linkin Park! Then, Muten Roshi (Goku's master) is a completely different person! He's not that old, he has no sunglasses, he ain't bald, he has no beard, he's not carrying a turtle shell on his back, and worst of all... he's not a pervert!!! Also, Bulma's hair ain't blue, except for a stupid streak... what's the problem with painting her hair blue? There are tons of blue tones which would look good in reality! And you guys saw how machinery appears, out of those Hoi-Poi capsules? Instead of the typical cloud of smoke, we get a transformer-like assembling sequence... WHAT THE FUCK?!

And forgive me if I'm wrong, but is it just me, or they throw Kamehamehas with one single hand, like it was a normal energy ball?! At least in my own opinion, half the epicness of the Kamehameha comes from the gesture itself, while the other half comes from the fact that it's a beam of light that fucks up everything on it's path! And here, they make it look like a blue fart?!

WHAT THE FUCK, HOLLY-SHIT-WOOD?! W-H-A-T T-H-E F-U-C-K?! *breathes heavily*

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