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Yo. Good morning/afternoon/evening/whatever...

Boy, I've been making a buttload of gaming-related rants, lately... maybe I'm turning this into yet another gaming webcomic without even noticing. I'd better be careful!!!

Anyway... I'm sure that many of you have played a videogame on which the first level is no less than a tutorial on how to play the game... And I, on my humble opinion, ask... IS THIS SHIT REALLY NECESSARY?!

I mean, if I wanna know how to WALK, I can look at the MANUAL to find out! Same with jumping, or any other basic action which, I THINK, we can figure out by ourselves! Why do they have to spend disk space with this kind of thing, when we can just push the buttons, and see what they do?!

Of course, it's only annoying when the tutorials are unskippable, and when they teach crap like walking, which I think ANYONE can figure out in less than 5 seconds! Other times they're ok, when they just exist as an option (like the training mode in fighting games), or if you can skip them (perfect for when you've already beaten the game once, and don't wanna put up with that crap again).

Another thing that annoys me is that A certain game has a tutorial... and sequel after sequel, they keep putting on the same tutorial, however, they NEVER add the option of skipping it! An example is the "Megaman Battle Network" series.
Don't get me wrong, I personally enjoy this series, and it's one of the reasons why I think Square-Enix can shove their games up their asses. But please, Capcom... Do we have to see the same UNSKIPPABLE tutorial over and over again? 6 games were released (not counting the Starforce series, and certainly not counting different versions of the same game), and still no option to skip it?! Come on... COME ON!!!

And of course, I couldn't avoid to mention "Sonic Rush Adventure" for the Nintendo DS, which is the game that served as an inspiration for this rant. Yes, Sonic is drawn in his old-school style. Why? Because I hate that green-eyes idiot... LONG LIVE THE ROUND-BELLY SONIC!!!

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