"Street Fighter IV disappoints Tanooki."

December 19th, 2009, 7:27 pm



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OH MY GOD!!! TANOOKI SAID SOMETHING!!! Ok, he didn't speak, he thought, but you get the point.
Yeah, from now on, Tanooki will be doing more than just looking cute and saying "un" all the time. I think it makes him more useful, ya know?

Anyway... anyone who calls themselves a gamer has at the very least HEARD of Street Fighter IV. The last installment of one of the greatest fighting game frenchises ever. Though not my favourite fighter franchise (Guilty Gear <3), I happen to enjoy it quite a bit, "Street Fighter Alpha 3" being my favourite in the series (Air-Guard, a good variety of systems for us to chose, a buttload of characters...), though I like "Street Fighter III Third Strike" too (the parry system is plain awesome, but too bad that you can only take 1 super-combo with you. Takes away variety from the fights, I think... and no air-guard is kinda lame).

Then, Street Fighter IV was announced, and we got to know that it'd have... 3D graphics. They promised that despite the (ugly-looking) 3D models, the game would feature 2D gameplay like it's predecessors. When I got to try it, well... Though it can be noticed that they TRIED, it didn't turn out the masterpiece some people think it is. The hitboxes aren't exactly as stable as they should, the new characters suck (really... Rufus? What were they thinking?!), the overall character style is plain UGLY (really, Ryu looks just as ugly as Blanka!). Also, no air-guard (something they had in the Alpha series, and I don't understand why did they took that off in Street Fighter III, and now on IV), and I think it's unanimous on how much of a crappy boss Seth is. I mean, he grapples you while flinching?! And for such a hyped game, I don't it offered that much, gameplay-wise, or in any other way.

But of course, you might be wondering what's that thing Tanooki was thinking. The outfits, right?
Well, Capcom has recently launched downloadable content for the game, which is no less than alternative outfits for the characters. Now, there's just one thing... YOU GOTTA PAY FOR THEM!!! What the hell? In a 3D (graphically) fighting game, extra outfits are MANDATORY, meaning they should come included in the game pack from the very beggining! And yet, they are selling them for 1600 Microsoft points, or $19.99 PSN if you're a PS3 guy. I mean, 20 bucks?! For a bunch of extra 3D models that should've been in the game from the VERY FUCKING BEGGINING?! What the hell, Capcom?! And to add insult to injury, the arcade version HAS those outfits right off the bat, meaning that you're paying for something that REALLY SHOULD'VE been included in the fuckin' game from the start!!!

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