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December 19th, 2009, 7:40 pm



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Welcome again, fellas! Once again, I get to show my (negative) opinions about what-the-fuck-ever comes to my mind!

And this week, I believe I'll get some Tokyo Hotel fans to psyche out. Yes, ladies and gentlemen... just like pretty much everyone who has a BRAIN, I plainly hate that band! I mean, should we actually call that a band? It's just a bunch of kids who THINK they know how to make music. And I still have to figure out why in the living mother of FUCK do girls love that Bill guy... I mean, girl... I mean...


Really, the first time I saw him, I thought that was a chick! Then, after some thought, I began to have doubts is my assumption was correct... Then, when I finaly figured out that THING has a dick attached to it, I couldn't avoid to do one of the biggest facepalms of my life! I mean, he looks like A QUEER! Not gay, not a faggot, but a full-blown travestite! And don't get me wrong, I have nothing against homossexuals. More girls for me! XD

However, I just can't understand why there are females who think that Bill Kaulitz (Tokyo Hotel's lead singer [the one in the rant], for those who don't know) is beautiful, and would spread their legs at him, should they have the chance to. Women, WAKE UP! If you like a man who looks like a girl, YOU'RE LESBIANS!!! And THAT's where I draw the line! I mean, I don't mind that there are men dating each other, but women having relationships is just a plain waste! And yes... I'm just kidding with that last sentence. XD

But you're still lesbians, for liking that faggot, though.

Now, that other character, dressed like a nun... As some of you might've guessed, yes, that's ALSO a guy! Fortunately, that one's not real. He (still not used to describing that character as "he"...), who is called Bridget, is a character from the fighting game series "Guilty Gear". If you want more info on that sucker, just look it up. This shit's already too long for me to even bother...

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