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ATTENTION!!! If you've read my previous rants' author comments, you probably have an idea of what's going on. Still, allow me to enlighten you:

Back when I was a part of Legendary Comics, that website's main project was a collab between me and Hugo Damas, called "Sword of Heavens: Akashi". For personal reasons, I left the project, and that's why my rants are here, now. I wasn't kicked out or anything, I did it outta my own free will. Anyway:

Up until this one, my rants were following a weekly squedule, and as a side-project to keep people entertained while the main story wasn't updated. But as time went on, things began to go complicated. I had a job which had shifts, meaning that I had to do nights, sometimes (4 times in a row, at times!), and mix that with two weekly webcomic (one main, and one secundary)... and you get the idea of how my head was starting to feel like. So, this rant marks a change of squedule on my rants. Below you can find the original comment, just for the hell of it.

Yes, people, it is as you've all read. For the sake of keeping the quality of my works, I've decided to get rid of the rants' weekly squedule. It is as you've read up there. I got more stuff to take care of, not to mention that I have a job, so I had to cut on something.

So, why the rants, and not Sword of Heavens, some of you may ask? Simple. "The Sword of Heavens" not only is a main project of our website, unlike the rants, which are some sort of side project, Akashi's story is being written by Hugo, meaning all I have to do is to draw his thoughts. Ok, ok, that alone can be a pain in the ass, but you guys get the idea! While the rants are pretty much random, and not all jokes come out good on the first go, so sometimes it's best to get some extra time. Like last week.

But that doesn't mean I'll be now updating once every two months, or something! It's like I said before, I won't be like some other webcomics, which now take AGES to update! I used VG Cats as an example because... well, it's true. Don't get me wrong, I like Scott's work, and I visit his website with frequency to see if there's anything new! But Scott, come on... 4 or 5 updates per year?! XD

So, yeah... from now on, I'll update whenever I feel like it. This means that it'll no longer be on wednesdays anymore, either! So, pop in once in a while, to see if there's anything new! Again, I swear that despite no longer having an actual squedule, you won't have to wait THAT long, alright?

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