"Hairy Pot-head..."

December 20th, 2009, 9:04 am



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Yup... ever since I stopped the weekly squedule, I also happened to get a boost on the visuals...

Below there's the original author comment, so don't expect it to make much sense, considering I'm not a part of Legendary Comics anymore.


... ok, technically I haven't been away, since I also got "The Sword of Heavens" to work on... but still, it's good to be back on this lil' section of mine! ^^

So... Harry Potter... The new movie just came out, and... honestly, I don't have the pacience for that thing. And the comic alone says my opinion about that series. Harry comes from our world, right? COME BACK HERE, GET A GUN, AND BLOW THOSE EVIL WIZARD'S FACES OFF! I mean, sure, they can do some funky spells... but by the time they're done with their casts, it'd be time for ya to already put a new ammo clip! Magic's pretty, and all, but it's not THAT efficient, once you think about it.

... hey, maybe that's why wizards stay hidden from muggles! XD

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