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... What? You guys REEEEEAAAALLY think I wasn't going to pick on that whore? Then, what kind of a ranter would I be?!

Hatsune Miku... the mascot for the Vocaloid 2 software, known across the whole otaku community worldwide, and recognised as an icon. If you don't know what is this crap all about, lemme fill you in:

Imagine a singing version of Microsoft Sam. Simple enough, right?

No need to say, the voice sounds completely artificial. I know, being computer-generated doesn't really give much to work with, but STILL, it remains true that it is still FAR from sounding like a real person. I mean, she sounds like she's half-asleep, or something.

So, as you probably guessed by now, Hatsune Miku is the fictional character who sings on that voice-generator-software-thingy, the second version, to be exact. So far, so good... But what really ticks me off is... WHY IN THE GODDAMN NAME OF DARTH VADER IS SHE SO OVERRATED?!

I mean, is she THAT cute? No!

Is her voice that good? *beep, beep* N-O-! *bleep, blop*

Does she have a personality? ... at all? ... not really. Even baseball mascots have more personality than her!

So, what is it that makes that pop-star wannabe so worshipped by the otaku community? Oh... Pop-Star... my theory, ladies and gentlemen, has been proven to be correct:

Most of the otaku community is just as shallow as the pop-music community... -_-

... seeya next rant, folks!

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