"Thank you, Microsoft... FOR THE FUCKLOADEST TIME!!!"

December 20th, 2009, 9:18 am



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Hey guys, 'sup? been alright? Hope so. I'd like to thank Pedro Fernandes (a.k.a. Wodash) for practically developing this rant with me.

MSN 9 has been out for a good while, but I've only decided to install it about a week ago... or better yet, a pop-up showed up saying that unless I installed the newest version, he wouldn't let me login... Way to be a bunch of assholes, Microsoft!.. And no, I'm not a Mac-fanboy... I like to play games and open the computer in order to update my hardware from time to time, thank you very much. But I digress, so let's move on.

So... Why did I kept the good old 8.5 for so long? Well, because the 9.0 version is nothing short than sluggish, and confusing. I mean, was it REALLY necessary to switch the Display Pictures to the left? If you're gonna make a big interface change like that, at least give the user the option to have it like it used to... But this is just something that takes some getting used to, nothing really serious.

What troubles me is that I get random hickups while I'm typing, it takes FOREVER to send files, sometimes, and let's not forget how dumb the new "photo sharing" feature is. What's the problem with the old system?! It wouldn't be that troublesome, if they didn't had to HIDE the display pictures (or webcams), everytime you send a pic... WHY DOES THAT HAPPEN?! What benefit does it bring? It's useless, and a pain in the ass!

But what really troubles me is how we can't send programs, which was the reason that led me into doing this rant. Before, we could at least send them inside a winrar archive, but now NOT EVEN THAT!!! I know they want to prevent viruses from spreading, and all, but if someone fucks it up by accepting something he/she shouldn't, it's HIS/HER FAULT!!!

I know, I know, we can always use rapidshare, and stuff like that... But then, what would be the point of having a file transfer system that eventually forces us to use such web-services?! Next thing we know, they won't even let us send JPG images, afraid they may contain trojan horses! On second thought, I'd better shut up, before Microsoft reads this, and thinks it's a good idea!

And no... I don't send viruses to people. I made that just for the comedy factor. ^^;

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