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December 28th, 2009, 4:43 pm



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Hey, all! Whew... after a good while, it seems that these have trully gone back to weekly, huh? Well, they don't have an exact update rate, but... yeah, now they'll certainly be released more frequently!

Anyway... those who have taken a look at the archive have found my opinion on Twilight. Yeah, that book/movie series in which a VERY lonely woman has dumped all of her vampiric sexual fantasies... But enough of my opinions, for once. This time, I decided to gather some opinions from celebrities, which as I said, turned out rather surprising.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, ALL of those are true! Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal FUCKING Gear, is a fan of that blood-sucking bullshit! However, follow my thoughts for a sec.

- In Metal Gear Solid, there's Vamp, a bi-sexual character with paranormal-ish abilities that make him resemble a vampire.
- ... he also has Raiden.
- His AWFULLY UNDERRATED Boktai series go pretty much around hunting vampires. Plus, on the second game, the main character even becomes one.
- And to add insult to injury, now he's involved in the Castlevania series...

Taking these into account, it's not that much of a surprise, is it? ^^;

Now, Miley Cyrus DID turn out to be a surp-... Ok, not really. The real reason is surely because Bella is more famous than her, by now... And don't worry, folks, that comment I made about her age is nothing more than a joke, ok?! XD

Now, what REALLY got me by surprise was Robert Pattinson. Ladies and gentleman, that text-wall I've put in there is nothing less than HIS OWN FUCKING WORDS!!! He's in it just for the money, as well as to make a career. So, Tanooki has done it already, but now it's my turn.

Robert... you got BALLS!!!

Also, someone who surprised me a bit: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion. He's also a Twilight fan. Then again, this one didn't surprise me to the point of putting him on the rant. He created Shinji, after all... XD

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