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January 3rd, 2010, 1:56 pm



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Hey there, folks! How was your holidays? Hope you had fun, and all that jazz. Now, here's the first rant of 2010, the first of many rants I shall be doing this next year, if everything goes well!

Hmm... it's been a while since I did the last "Continuous Fantasy" rant, hasn't it? I did that one with the virus on Chrono Trigger's website, buuuuuuut... it doesn't really count, since it ain't about Final Fantasy, but Square-Enix in general! XD

SO! Anyone who has played Final Fantasy VIII knows about the draw gimmic. For those who don't, allow me to fill you in: on this game, you perform magic spells by litterally STEALING them from the enemies. Kinda like the thief's ability to snatch items, instead this one's for spells. At the same time, enemies can also "yoink" spells from you, meaning this works both ways. Also, each enemy, like the party members, has a limited number of spells, meaning you just can't keep leeching them. Also, across the maps, you can find Draw points, in which you can obtain some spells. All in all, they're used like items.

While the permise might not sound bad at first, I find it a bit frustrating, that you just have to keep drawing spells in order to be able to use them. Plus, they never specify if they're actual spells, or items, or both, or whatever. If they're actual abilities, does the draw action count as learning them? If so, why do you need to keep learning a spell you already know? Lesson reviews? I don't think so...

So, they must be items... If they're items, why can't you simply buy 'em at a store? They don't seem to be THAT rare anyway, so why can't we buy at least the most basic ones at a store? Ya know... like FF7's materia system? Not that I find materias much of a system on their own, but anyway, just setting an example.

Anyway, the system's not THAT bad, I've seen worse. I just think they could've pulled out something more consistent... Ya know... something that doesn't try to test the gamer's pacience?!

For example: "Enemy X" has a certain spell for you to draw from. But in order to draw it, you need a certain level. This because after drawing a spell, you would actually LEARN it, and you wouldn't need to draw it from Enemy X again, at least for that one character. This would obviously require the comeback of the good old MP, but it's like they say... if something ain't broken, don't try to fix it!

Anyway, this is getting too long, so... seeya!

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