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May 16th, 2010, 4:03 pm



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Ya know... I used to make some rants gor a monthly gaming magazine here in Portugal, called "SMASH!". I didn't get payed for it, only did it to get some extra recognition, but hey, as an artist who's still trying to get somewhere, every little bit helps. Unfortunatelly, as the magazine's own name suggests, the damn thing got smashed by our country's economical situation.

So, I decided to host the rants here, under the "Smash! Archives" category, as an homage of sorts to the magazine. Believe it or not, it was a rather good one, and I did feel bad for what happened.

So, regarding this rant... Ya know, when I see a game developer talking about how ultra-realistic their racing game is, I expect to see not only realistic controls, but also some sort of damaging to the cars. Hell, that kinda stuff happens since the 32-bit era (PS1 and Sega Saturn), and it wouldn't surprise me if there's something before that. It seems like there was supposed to be car damage in Gran Turismo 4, but as we all know, it didn't happen. Some people say it was because the brands didn't want their cars to get broken...

... then why the fuck do we have car damage in Forza Motorsport? It looks like there's gonna be car damage in Gran Turismo 5, but as I've heard, and if this isn't true, forgive me, but it seems like the car damage is going to happen only in the new cars (the ones that didn't exist in previous games)...?

... what? Either it exists for all of 'em, or DON'T BOTHER!!!

Anyway... expect more "Smash! Archives" to be uploaded, soon enough. ^^

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