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To those who read my author comments, it shouldn't be that hard to figure out that I'm not a big fan of Apple, and their products. True, Windows isn't perfect, and Linux is a mindfuck to use... But at least Windows is compatible with everything, and Linux is free!

Let's make a list of the reasons why most people prefer a Machintosh:

1: No viruses

... I got Windows XP, and thanks to Mr. Kaspersky, I never had any problems with those. Also, if viruses were the only problem with computers, believe me that we wouldn't be complaining about our machines so often.

2: It NEVER crashes

My ass, it doesn't! Ever heard of Kernel Panic, or Sad Mac? I'm sorry, but macs DO crash! Not only macs, but also iPods, iPhones, etc. I even had an iPhone crash while I was watching a youtube video on it, so I can tell from self-experience that apple products do crash!

I mean, a computer crashing is one thing... but a fucking phone?!

3: They're prettier than your ugly-looking PCs!

This one is subjective. While I personally admit that I DO find Macs attractive, their simplicity does annoy me, at times. I want my computer to look like a computer, not like something that'll probably break in two, if I touch it!

I'm not saying macs are fragile, but they sure look like it, and I personally don't like that, on an electronic device.

4: They're easier to use.

I'm sorry, but I prefer to right-click over using that stupid "command" key anyday.


... that's exactly why I still got Windows XP. Plus, Windows 7 is out for a good while, and it fixed pretty much everything that was wrong with Vista.

6: The Kernel Panic screen is prettier than that Blue Screen of Death!

It's a crash. They can put flowers and ribbons all over it, for all I care. Not to mention that if you get a Kernel Panic on a macbook, good luck trying to take the battery off, to restart the damn thing...


Anyway... I didn't even touch the "no games" issue, here. I'm sorry, but I'm not gonna pay for something that it's more expensive than a PC, and does less than a PC!

And that's just about their computers. There's also that crappy excuse of a cellphone, called iPhone. It doesn't offer as much quality as it should, for the price tag it has, and as I've said, it's not as stable as it should. If I want a smartphone, I can get something better from Blackberry or Samsung, for as much or even less than what I'd need to give for an iPhone.

And... let's not forget about that pityful chunk of plastic and metal that's called... the iPad. I've already made a post on the main blog about that thing, so CLICK HERE if you're feeling curious.

And of course... not only Apple fans have become a bunch of mindless elitists, Mr. Steve Jobs wants to make sure they stay that way, by installing a lil' something on their products that'll make Apple able to see what are their customers doing.


Now they're gonna be looking at what do we install on the machines WE (more like "THEy", because I'm out) payed for?! If I pay good money for the damn thing, I wanna be able to do whatever I want with it, no questions asked! Take a look at Microsoft, for example. They don't give two shits if you got pirated software on your computer. Why? Because it's third-party software, and thus, it's NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS!

... and that's why Apple will never see my money. At least if they keep it like this. And no, I'm not even gonna be getting an iTouch, thanks to the updated OS they've put on that thing.

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