Oy, how're ya all? Welcome to this lil' space of mine, called "Fontes' Rants".

This is where I'll be putting cartoons ranting or making fun of... well, whatever I feel like. I have a tendency to do stuff related with videogames, and other typically nerdy stuff, but I'll do stuff about other random subjects every now and then.

Now, there's one thing I'd like to make perfectly clear, here: while reading the comic, you might wonder if I'm actually being serious with what I'm ranting about. I'm not here to lie. Neither to you, or to myself. If I'm not being serious, and just plainly joking, you'll be able to notice. Other than that, it's just plain old bashing.

Another thing you can do is to read the text I usually leave below each "page". Those are "The Ranter's Thoughts", which serve to explain stuff like what the specific page is about. Sometimes, the rant itself is in there, and the comic only serves for illustrative purposes. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words... however, words were created to explain what an image is sometimes unable to. Also, in here you'll be able to see why I hate or like something, so consider this the space where I at least try to justify my rants.

What's that? You don't like reading, and are here only to look at the pictures? Well, suit yourself. Just don't come crying on my shoulder just because you didn't get a certain joke. It's all there, black on white (litterally!), so it's all up to you.

Below you have an F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions), kinda like the one I got on the main blog.

Q: What made you start working on this comic?

A: Well, that's a tough one... You see, I've always wanted to start a webcomic, in order to get my work known. As an artist, I think that's a pretty common goal. I'm also always cracking jokes about everything that comes to my mind. Also, I'm a guy that has no problems in saying what's on my mind. Standing by my own two feet instead of being carried by other people's thoughts, that sorta thing.

So... Put all those factors together, and... you got yourself a guy making a webcomic about whatever comes to his mind, not giving a crap about the consequences, hehehe...

Q: Could you make a rant about [insert subject here]?

A: I'm always open for sugestions, and I do give credit if a rant was made based on someone else's idea. I won't guarantee that I'll make a rant based on your idea, since I have to share the same opinion as well. But should I use your idea, I'll not only give you credit, but I'll also let you know in advance, ok?

Q: Can I help you out?

A: Well, though I won't be accepting anyone as staff members (at least for the time being), there ARE a few things you can to to help the site grow:
  • Spread the word. Know someone who might like the website as well? Show it to them! The more, the merrier!!!
  • Report any flaws. Found a problem with the website? A random glitch, or simply something that you think that might work better? I'm still knew to this website-making stuff, so glitches and design issues are bound to happen. Should you find any of these, just send me an email.
  • Leave a comment. You can have a ton of people visiting your website, but if no one leaves a comment, it's nearly as good as nothing. Better that having a bunch of viewers is to have an actual community, and having comments on your website already encourages other people into leaving a comment of their own, and so on.
  • Donate. No, I won't be forcing anyone to do this, but I'll be really apreciated if anyone decides to donate something. Having a "Donator" or "Premium" status on Smack Jeeves (the service I use to host my comics) would be awesome, and keeping my subscription at Deviantart would be cool. If you don't feel like giving me money just for the hell of it, you can always...
  • Ask me for a commission. If my work pleases you, and you'd like to have something drawn by me, I'm always accepting work to do. Keep in mind that, as an adult, I won't be asking for just about enough to buy gum, ok? Real work, real prices.
  • Buy a T-Shirt! Check out the store, and if you see anything that you find interesting, why not make a purchase? If there's a specific design you'd like to see on the store, lemme know, and I'll see what I can do, ok?

Q: Can I have a cameo on your comic?! PLEEEEEAAAAAASE!!!

A: I won't be putting anyone on the comic for no particular reason. I MIGHT end up putting someone every now and then, but asking things like these will only decrease my own will to put you in. So, the best way for you to appear on it is to stay shut.

In other words... No. You can't.

Q: You keep saying that you hate Final Fantasy, and yet you seem to know quite a bit about it. Doesn't that make you some sort of hipocrite?

I gotta admit, that IS a very valid question. While I've never really liked the series, I do check it out in an attempt to understand why so many people like this series so much. Trying to understand what's in there that drives people into it. And the more I dig into the subject, the more I keep finding unforgivable crap. So, there ya go.


And that's it, for now. Should I feel the need for it, I'll edit this text-wall. Enjoy the comic! ^^


Fontes' Rants is hosted by Smack Jeeves, and is a part of Ranter Works.

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